ZILLION GROCER is a platform which provides Shop To Earn experience for our customers.
We linked the relation between Customer’s Profit and Essential Products together and created a strong bridge for customers as another source of income. Therefore, a powerful Trading Chain has formed!

With the digital era nowadays, most of the market businesses moved from a traditional business model to an online business model, where you can see tons of advertisements, posters, or videos promoting and guild people on how to start an online business. It enhances the circumstances as the Covid-19 virus strikes in and causes a huge impact for the people especially business owners that still operate their business traditionally.

Today, ZILLION GROCER stands out as a multi-purpose platform that brings the fundamental to the market effortlessly. Aside from purchasing what customers need, we provide a reward program for customers to make passive income. As a business owner, we are pleased to present to you our business model that moves your traditional business model online where you can expand your business to another level.

Supplier Priority

ZILLION GROCER provides Customers a lifetime Multi Level Rewards scheme with unlimited expanding down-line, Up to 6% of commissions, Valid for 3 levels rewards >click to see more

In order for Customers to earn from their referral / downline, a minimum spending of RM200 (per month) is required to Shop from any Vendor in ZILLION GROCER .

ZILLION GROCER systemise rewards program linked Customer’s Spending and Profits together ,as a result a strong spending loop has been created.

Spending Chain Effects

ZILLION GROCER doing a marketplace platform that offer commission for who ever invite people to join.

We encourage Customers to shop their Daily / Essential Spending RM200 (per month) at ZILLION GROCER ,and invite people to join. When they made purchase at ZILLION GROCER, they’ll be able to earn commission from their purchase.

Same happens to their down-line will shop their Daily / Essential Spending RM200 (per month) at ZILLION GROCER , they’ll be able to earn commission from their purchase.

That’s the power of ZILLION GROCER’S Spending Chain Effects

Here’s how we structure our Win-Win business model:

Here’s the explanations for the chart above as we will guild you step by step:

Register as Vendor and start listing your products in Zillion Grocer with an advanced Cloud Accounting system that run for your business ​.

Meanwhile, you can invite anyone to join, to achieve Cross Market Sales

Any Customers including your referral/downline purchase from your store, you have earned your SALES! Zillion Grocer will collect a percentage of commissions from the trade (According to which plans you chose) >Click for Vendor Plan Explanation 

When your downline is purchased from another store, you are still entitled to earn commissions from them followed by the 3 levels of commission scheme ( Even it’s not your business field ), up to 6% in total.

As per your down-line grow their down-line, you can just basically earn a passive income from there while they purchasing their basic needs. The amount of income is pretty impressive!


Imagine you have 10 down-lines for [Level 1: 4%], each of them are spending a minimum of RM200 which sum up to be RM2, 000. From here you are earning a total of RM80 as your commissions.

When your 10 down-line been persuaded to build this business by you, each of them get another 10 persons to join as users. From there you will have 100 down-lines at your [Level 2: 3%]. Each of them still spending a minimum of RM200 which makes a total of Rm20, 000. From this level you’ve earn yourself with RM600 as your commissions.

The 100 users decided to starts find people to join too and they manage to get themselves 10 persons each to join Zillion Grocer. From this level you are having 1,000 down-lines at [Level 3: 2%]. 1,000 users x RM200 minimum spending which makes a total of RM200, 000. You will be getting RM4, 000 as your commission while at this level.


Based on this structure we believe that you have known how the system works. Here’s a summary of your commission, based on the example above:

[Level 1: 4%] = 10 users = RM80 commissions

[Level 2: 3%] = 100 users = RM600 commissions

[Level 3: 2%] = 1,000 users = RM4, 000 commissions

[Level 4: 1%] = 10,000 users = RM20, 000 commissions

[Level 5: 0.5%] = 100,000 users = RM100, 000 commissions

Total commissions earned for all 5 levels = RM124, 680 / month

Bear in mind, with Zillion Grocer you have a limit up to 5 levels BUT you will have unlimited slot to expand your lines horizontally. Imagine with your connections that allows you to start from 1, 000 users at your [Level 1: 4%]. The amount would be more impressive! Again, all this are just base on minimum calculation for the minimum requirement of spending of RM200 per month to buy your basic needs which is insufficient. Your commissions will also be tune if your down-line are spending not only RM200, and that’s the beauty of Zillion Grocer.

Last but not least, we are all chasing and looking forward to achieve a balance lifestyle where you can have health, money, time, network etc. ZILLION GROCER is a good platform to start with where your needs has all been considerate. From moving business out of your comfort zone and follow up with the market trends, till to build a passive income to maintain or achieve the lifestyle that you’ve been looking for, ZILLION GROCER will be your first step to move on and growing big together to achieve the next level of your dreams.

Let's Grow Big With ZILLION GROCER!