Music Industry

In this Digital Era , Music becomes accessible from everywhere.

Artist’s hard work and Effort  , Royalty fees , Streaming fees , is way far than cover for cost of living

And most importantly …. Fan base & Audience


What Does Zillion Artist offer?

To help Musician in Malaysia , ZILLION offer GOLD AFFILIATE to Musician with Dreams

Pursue music journey without worry on money apprehension

How Fan Support Artist Works?

By inviting fan / audience to join , Artist get paid everytime when they simply spend their “ESSENTIAL” at Zillion.

Artist DUTY?

  • Invite your Fan / Audience to join your affiliate link.
  • Be active on social media, expose your affiliate link to more audience with your own content.

Lastly , create Great Music !



  • All Zillion’s Affiliate members will have exclusive streaming of Artist’s song.
  • Music Release Shoutout from Zillion & Members!

Terms & Condition

To earn Music Record & Music Distribution

  • Accumulate RM100,000 of Total Referral Spending.
  • Invite minimum of 15 Referral per month.

A Music Journey without money apprehension