Vendor FAQ

Zillion taking 12% – 15% on each sales.

No you can’t.

Your Selling Price must be same as your current End User selling price.


ZILLION is not a marketplace that seller fight for cheapest WIN!

Quality , Branding Awareness , 

Our Duty is to make Customer’s Spending Profitable.


You can invite your customers as your referral.

When customer (your referral) refer someone to join them, you’ll still entitle to earn from their spending.

Most importantly, you’ll be able to earn no matter what your Referral spend, even they spend on other vendor that not from your business.


You can earn 3 Levels from your referral.

Commission is EXCLUDE Shipping fees.

Level 1 – 3%

Level 2 – 2%

Level 3 – 1%

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