Enjoy Multi Level Rewards

Level 1
( Direct Referral )
Commission Rate - 3 %
Referral - Unlimited
Level 2
( Referral from Level 1 )
Commission Rate - 2 %
Referral - Unlimited
Level 3
( Referral from Level 2 )
Commission Rate - 1 %
Referral - Unlimited

By spending your Essential at ZILLION GROCER (RM200 per month), you’ll be able to earn commission from your Referral / Downline.

ZILLION GROCER is a Malaysia marketplace platform that offers commission for customers who invite people to join.

We encourage customers to shop their Daily / Essential Spending (RM200 / Month) at ZILLION GROCER, from there ( less than the amount you’ll spend every month ) you’re entitled to earn a commission from your referral/down-line’s purchase.

The same happens to your referral/down-line will shop their Daily / Essential Spending (RM200 / Month) at ZILLION GROCER, from there they’re entitled to earn a commission from their referral/down-line’s purchase.

As a Housewife, Husband, Students, “Human Being” is required Essential Spending in their living. With ZILLION GROCER, you can Earn from your Essential Expenses!

We Encourage Affiliate spend their Daily / Essential at ZILLION GROCER

Our commission is configured monthly, for that if you got more people to join under you, you’ll be able to make money from there. Some people might think RM200 is a lot for monthly spending. Well ZILLION GROCER offered not only grocery but education, music, vouchers, food voucher, baby products, Health care, and more!
You can easily get most of the essential products in ZILLION GROCER.

Bear in mind, with ZILLION GROCER you have a limit of up to 3 levels of rewards BUT you will have an unlimited slot to expand your down-lines horizontally. Imagine with your connections that allow you to start from 1,000 users at your [Level 1: 3% ], the amount would be Impressive! Again, all these are just base on a minimum calculation for the minimum requirement of spending of RM200 per month to buy your basic needs which is insufficient. Your commissions will also be tune accordingly if your down-line is spending more than RM200, and that’s the beauty of ZILLION GROCER.

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