1. What is Zillion Grocer?

Based on research, human being spend 37.2% of their monthly income on essential products. Therefore, Zillion Grocer acts as an online shopping platform, just like Shopee & Lazada which provides people to an alternative platform to buy their daily essentials. The unique of Zillion Grocer is we provide “Shop To Earn” experiences to users where it is a whole new shopping experience method in the market. 

2. What is “Shop To Earn”?

Zillion Grocer have a Multi-level Rewards System (MLR) where users can earn a life-time commission from their friends & family essential spending. Simply by inviting with a link, register an account and start to purchase products that needed on Zillion Grocer. The MLR System will automatically runs it’s rewards system from whoever’s spending.

3. Is Zillion Grocer an Multi-level Marketing (MLM) Company?

The requirements for an MLM company is to have own manufactured products. In Zillion Grocer, we did not have any own listed products, but just a online shopping platform which runs rewarding system that benefits users. In that sense, we named it MLR company. 

4. Why should you join Zillion Grocer?

As a business owner, having a multiple options of business model are definitely benefits in this digital era. Zillion Grocer can be your partner, or even your customers that potentially expand your businesses thru online and generates more sales back to you.

5. Is there any risk joining Zillion Grocer?

No. There’s NO RISK of joining us as we did not have any subscription fees or hidden charges. We’re welcoming and inviting any supplier who would like to expand businesses together.

6. What Zillion Grocer can do for you?

  • Expand your businesses to reach in more users with Zillion Grocer Platform.
  • Reduce your headache and workload by having Market Development Executive (MDE) to handle your accounts. Build from scratch!
  • A support team to manage your orders.
  • Able to made upfront payment before supplier sending out orders.
  • Upload your SKU with just a simple steps. 

7. Can I manage my own accounts in Zillion Grocer?

Yes! You are welcome to manage your own account in Zillion Grocer!

  • Control Stock Movements
  • Control My Pricing
  • Control My Stock Balance
  • Change my products at any time
  • Less workload on setting up account
  • Less headache on managing account
  • No hidden charge on managing accounts
  • Don’t have to worry stock control