Student Installation

  • Jacktrip only works with Desktop / Laptop
  • You’ll need Ethernet cable to connect to your device
  • You’ll need a wired Earphone / Headphone with mic

Step 1 : Install Jack and Jacktrip

Mac OS

Download Jack ; Jacktrip


Download ASIO Drivers ; Jack ; Jacktrip (Watch video here if you’re still stuck at Prompt (Windows)


Kindly refer all setup documentation provided by JackTrip. Refer back here on Step 3 for connect to Online Class

Step 2 : Setup

2.1 : open qjackctl ; click Setup


2.2 : Follow setting as picture showing

Frame/Period and Sample Rate must be using the same for both Teacher and Student.



Step 3 : Connect 

3.1 : Click Start on qjackctl


3.2 : open Terminal (on Mac) or Command Prompt (on Windows) 

Get Public IP Address from your teacher.

3.3 : Type line showing below

jacktrip - c (type IP Address provided by teacher)  and hit enter

Done! You can now hear Each other at a super low latency.


Click here to see how Teacher and Student Status while connect

Step 4 : Connect to Zoom 

Connect Video Call like usually how you do, but MUTE your Video Call platform. Because you can hear teacher from the other side directly from JackTrip!

Hit Control-C to end JackTrip

Repeat Step 3 and Step 4 every time you having online class ! Enjoy
Make sure Teacher and Student using same setting, refer to Step 2

JackTrip Installation

A System for High-Quality Audio Network Performance over the Internet

Provided method only works One to One (Individual Class) concept

Setup my-self

Setup for me