Click the link provided by your Sponsor and complete the form.

Or user can sign up here

Simply go Profile > Affiliate > Invites ,copy your link and send to your Friends or Family.


Once your Friends or Family click the link and Sign Up, they will become your referral automatically.

Just Shop and get your essential. System will trace your Purchase and Rewards to your Sponsor.

When your referral / downline shop, system will auto configure the commission and credit to you.

The more referral you invite, the more you’ll earn (from their essential spending)

When your Referral made purchase, System will automatically configure your Commission Rewards.

Here’s the logic:

In order to earn commission from your down-line, parent will need to spend RM200 (monthly)

Our commission is configured by monthly, for that if you got more people join under you, you’ll be able to make money from there. Some people might think RM200 is lot for a monthly spending. Well ZILLION GROCER offered not only grocery but education, music, vouchers, food voucher, baby products, Health care and more!

You’ll find most of the essential product that you need is covered in ZILLION GROCER.

Once your Referral makes a purchase , you can see your referral’s purchase history located at AFFILIATE.

Once the Purchase Complete (Delivered) you can see the reward located at “TOP”.

When you are entitle to claim the Rewards / Commission, a GREEN TICK will be showing next to displayed commission.

When you didn’t get your Essential at ZILLION GROCER RM200/month, you won’t be able to get commission from your referral / downline.

Pending Qualified will be displayed in this scenario.

Go Affiliate  > Withdraw > Fill in the amount you wanted to withdraw.

  • A RM2.00 of processing fees will be charge for each transaction.
  • 1 to 3 working days for transferring the commission.


Commission will auto configure every time referral / downline shop. 

GREEN TICK will be showing next to displayed commission when you are entitle to claim the Rewards / Commission. 

You can withdraw anytime once criteria has meet.


There’s no commitment by joining ZILLION GROCER AFFILIATE PROGRAM,We encourge affilate to shop only what they need monthly.

You can earn 3 Levels from your referral.

Commission is EXCLUDE Shipping fees.

Level 1 – 3%

Level 2 – 2%

Level 3 – 1%

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In this case, you will not be able to earn any commision from your referral’s spending.

In this case, you will not earn any commission from your referral, but you still can earn from their referral.

P.S. One will be automatically suspended by the system if he/she stays inactive for 3 months. The system will also reassign the slot to another active Affiliate. (Only Apply to Affiliate who already own a team)


Setting > Menu > Bank Account


When new user sign up, they will automatically become Affiliate.

Affiliate are eligible to invite people to join.

Referral is customer / friends that you invited.

When they sign up with your link, they’ll become your Referral ( Downline )

You can check at Referral or Total Affiliate


There is a menu bar which provide different Affiliate related information.  

Your Purchase – Your Total Purchase.

Sales Commission – Your team’s purchased commission.

Total Affiliate – How many Affiliate do you have in your team?

Total paid – Total commission you have received.

Pending Withdraw – Status when you requested commission withdraw.