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ZILLION GROCER is to help Malaysian Consumer reduce burden on their Essential spending yet they can earn as another source of income from ZILLION GROCER.


ZILLION GROCER is a Malaysia Marketplace Platform that runs an Affiliate Programme with MLR (Multi Level Rewards). 

We linked the relation between Customer’s Profit and Essential Products together and created a strong bridge for customers as another source of income.Therefore there’s no loss but only profit for choosing to spend your essential at ZILLION GROCER.


Daily Necessities, Living Goods , Daily Supplies ; any ESSENTIAL and DEMANDING Products can be found at ZILLION GROCER.


Every human being has Essential Spending! Customers can now easily earn commission by inviting their Friends & Families to shop their ESSENTIAL here.



With System and Technology ZILLION had , Customers can Invite Referral just by a single click , their referral’s purchase Rewards Configuration is fully automated.


We open up an opportunities for all group of people regardless of Seller or Consumer, as part of our commitment to push for a greater shop to earn experience.

I really appreciate what Zillion can make my essential spending profitable!

Sarah Wong

Proud of a Marketplace that make in Malaysia can help malaysian to make money with such simple logic method👏

John Dhanves

Shop to earn memang tolong saya jimat dan menguntung side income 🙏.

Ali Bin Razuk

My target is to get 100 referral at first, and it was easy to get anyone to join under me and earn from their spending by one click ! Yay ~

Sum Ai Leng

Essential spending at Zillion Grocer compare to other platform is big different, it make passive income possible by just SPENDING and invite people around me 😱😱


Their system is making impossible to POSSIBLE 👍👍!

Kayla Tan

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